Mommy are you tired of feeling unsupported and like no one understands that real mommy life?

Come on the inside of our free Exclusive Mommy Community Built on Genuine Support, Sisterhood, and Success in our Life and Business. Overwhelm is overrated and we have a radical focus on self-care and prioritizing yourself. Surround yourself with the SUPPORT you need to thrive in your home and/or busness with other moms who get it and won't judge you. We don't do that ish around here.

You DON'T have to go at it alone. This is a Safe Judgement Free Zone to be whatever YOU want to be. A place where only you define you and we accept you for who you are.

What Happens Inside the free MommyHood Community?

Support, Community, Building, Understanding and Self-Care.


Support is one of the main Pillars of the MommyHood and by far so very important.

I can't stress how important it is to be supported by a group of moms who understand what you are going through and are willing to be nonjugmental, unbiased and create a safe space for you to reduce your overwhelm, focus on self-care, maintain identity and create space that feels really good for you.


Real community. No fluff. There are so many communities that are for the numbers, clout, and fake help. And let's not forget Super Judgey. We are not that. In the MommyHood, community is community. A space to bring your whole you and feel good about doing it.

You can be exactly who you are receive and/or give support to your fellow mommies who get it. By Moms for Moms.


You may be wondering why Understanding? I can answer that for you. Without understanding there is no foundation.

How can we support eachother if we don't understand where we are, what we are going through, and where we would like to be. Understanding also allows for a safe nonjudmental zone because we have been there and done that.


Are there perks. Sure there are. The greatest perk is having a community to turn to when you feel like no one else understands.

But we do have popups and sessions inside of the MommyHood. First Access to events, meetups, weekly checkins for those who need it, information for moms, exclusive content, merch and much more.

About the Community Creator

Cameasha Muhammad

Mommy Support Strategist

I am Cameasha, I am a Certified Behavior Consultant, Mommy Support Coach and Podcast Host. I help moms who are coaches, consultants, and entrepreneurs be exactly who you are while reducing the overwhelm of being mommy and boss lady.

We do this through creating safe spaces where you can gain real support, and community to create a guided atmosphere through the ups and downs of Mommyhood. I have a vested interest in seeing women Become the Leaders of their own life, maintain their identities and still be Kickass Moms. ​ In these spaces you can confidently build the life you want to live without fear, barriers, feeling stuck or alone. Freedom to create choices for you and your family. We are building legacies.

I can't wait to see you and support you inside of the MommyHood